Jane Kennard Spirit Wisdom Podcast: You Are Not Alone

A Prayer for Healthcare Workers by Jane Kennard

Today, I ask in the name of the highest, the brightest, and the purest, for healing, for help, for love, for the energy, for those who help the sick, or step in to what is going on in our world. Read more //www.janekennard.org/a-prayer-for-healthcare-workers-by-jane-kennard

Jane Kennard Spirit Wisdom Podcast: Could you choose to become a ghost?

Could you choose to become a ghost?

Could you be one [a ghost] that causes trouble?

Find out more at //www.janekennard.org

Jane Kennard Spirit Wisdom: Tossing away things like statues, monuments, books

Earlier Jane was saying, “You can’t throw away the past just because you don’t like it in the future.” So our question is, instead of tossing away things like statues, monuments, books that demonstrate values societies no longer accept, how can we use them to teach us instead of pretending that they don’t exist? Hear the Guides reply here. Read the transcript here: //www.janekennard.org

Let’s Walk Together - a Jane Kennard Meditation

In times when you are feeling most unsure of your path or a choice you must make, or an answer you must give... More //www.janekennard.org


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Jane Kennard Spirit Wisdom Podcast: This is it… The Overturn

An excerpt from a conversation with Medium Jane Kennard about this time of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). — Guides in spirit have been saying over and over, and in many ways, for people to step up and...

More at //www.janekennard.org/this-is-it-the-overturn

Jane Kennard Spirit Wisdom Podcast: Realizing the Truth of You

Jane Kennard shares her thoughts on discovering your truth and being the light that you are. You are a fracture of this amazing energy that connects you to the oneness. Within you lies the most powerful creative force beyond the knowledge of man. Find out more at janekennard.org 

Jane Kennard Spirit Wisdom Podcast: A conversation with Spirit about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Medium Jane Kennard channels a High Guide for their wisdom and understanding of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Visit Jane Kennard's website for a transcript of the audio.

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Jane Kennard Spirit Wisdom Podcast: What to do when you meet a ghost.

From as far back as I remember, I’ve had an awareness of a being that was with me–a gentle, calm presence who would talk to me when I was upset or confused. To me, it seemed normal. I’ve been connecting my whole life and I know this with all my being: that nothing in spirit can harm you. Their words are always supportive and designed to create growth. Read More //www.janekennard.org/about-jane-kennard/

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